The Gnotebook


The Gnotebook is ndistinguishable from a book even at close range...

I love the iPad, but I wasn't in love with any of the cases I'd tried. One day I set my iPad down next to a hardcover notebook of about the same dimensions and said "hmmmm"...

Once I'd sculpted out the interior and discovered I had a nice "stealth" case, I wanted to make use of the iPad's ingenious interior magnets. I discovered I could both secure the iPad in the case and suspend it upright using precisely positioned, rare earth magnets to match its internal ones. My wife liked the case too, but she wanted a 360 degree cover, so a few cuts/magnets later I had a foldback spine that would snap back into place.

Once the new iPad3 came out, I knew I had to add a camera port, and once again magnets solved the engineering challenge of making the cap simple to open and close.

Thus was born the Gnotebook, a unique and highly practical case for the iPad. My wife was my first customer, and soon several of her colleagues signed on as additional beta-testers.

iPad magnets secure the iPad to the case for a variety of viewing positions.

Once I decided to go into small scale production, I proceeded to develop some tools and jigs to make the construction process easier and safer.

As of 2014 I've taken the Gnotebook to a new level: I now construct each case totally "from scratch", using archival quality bookbinding materials and methods: binder's board, conservation board, premium quality bonded leather, and 25% cotton bond. I have to say that the "scratch-built" Gnotebooks for iPad Air and iPad mini are even better in quality and performance than the previous repurposed notebooks. I also was inspired to make a spiral bound notebook from each page block "innards"!

For more details on my construction methods, see Making the Gnotebook. If you are interested in purchasing one, visit my shop 'GnotableDesigns' on Etsy





Gnotebook Air: fits iPad Air

Gnotebook, Jr: fits all iPad Mini (retina and non-retina)


  • Bonded leather

  • Looks like book

  • Easy removal

  • 360 degree cover

  • magnets to wake/sleep, secure cover

  • Camera port/cover


Gnotebook Air: 7 1/8 W x 10 1/2 H x 9/16 D weight (empty) approx 11.6 ounces (329 g)

Gnotebook Jr.: 5 W x 8 H x 5/8 D; weight approx 8.6 ounces.


  • black
  • gloss black
  • maroon
  • deep red
  • navy
  • satin tan
  • white


Embossed initials

No camera hole


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